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Before & Afters

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Before & Afters

cosmetic dentist Colorado Springs CO cosmetic cases Colorado Springs
Smita P.

This woman did not like the crown on her front tooth when smiling and she wanted her teeth to match in color and symmetry. We placed porcelain veneers on her top teeth to create a nice feminine even smile and shape to complement her facial structure. 

dental veneers Colorado Springs cosmetic dentistry Colorado Springs CO
Dave W.

This 50 year old business owner came to our office with initial concern with wanting a new smile after years of being self conscious. This patient had worn his teeth down over the years and wanted a brighter, more natural looking smile. We were able to give him a natural, brighter smile while restoring his teeth to function normally again.

best cosmetic dentists Colorado Springs dental office Colorado Springs
Micah D.

This patient’s initial concern was her overall smile and discomfort. She was unhappy with the different shapes and sizes of her teeth, including the discoloration. She wanted to feel confident about her smile! We removed the staining on her teeth and performed a full mouth rehabilitation.

dental infections CO springs dental implants CO Springs
Scott B.

This patient’s initial concern was his oral health. He was unhappy with his smile and had been experiencing pain due to multiple infections and mobility in his lower tooth. This patient just wanted to be happy about smiling again and can now walk around with confidence. 

porcelain veneers Colorado Springs after porcelain veneers - Colorado Springs
Kendra S.

This 42-year-old patient previously had trauma to her front tooth causing significant color change. She had this happen when she was 8-years-old which she calls her “gold tooth”. She wanted her teeth to match in color and shape to enhance her overall smile. We placed a custom shade porcelain veneer to perfectly match her smile. She was ecstatic about her new smile.

best cosmetic dentist near me smile makeover colorado springs
Sara B.

This young woman came to us with the concern that she wanted her lateral incisor to be more symmetrical because she was missing one of them. Her canine was in place of that missing incisor. We were able to make that canine symmetrical and in harmony with her entire smile.

smile makeover dentist smile makeover CO Springs

What a difference one tooth can make! This patient had an old composite veneer that was placed years ago that started to discolor. We replaced her veneer in one visit to make her teeth all match in color and in size.

dental veneer before and after dental veneers Colorado Springs CO

This patient’s initial concern was that she was unhappy with the shape and color of her front teeth when smiling. She wanted an even and brighter smile. We treated her smile with four porcelain veneers on her front teeth to create a more natural smile.

before veneers Colorado Springs CO after veneers cosmetic dentistry
Dylan J.

This young man came to us after not having been to the dentist in years. We were able to take care of his decay and gum issues. Now, he has a smile he is proud of. 

dentist co springs dentist colorado springs
Rebecca H.

This patient was unsatisfied with the overall shape and chipping of her teeth. We placed porcelain veneers to give her a more feminine and prominent look to her smiles

Joyce C.

This patient was unhappy about her smile and wanted her teeth to be the same shape & size. The color of her teeth did not match due to staining from previous fillings and crowns. We used Invisalign to correct her bite. Next, we did veneers on her upper & lower 10 teeth.

smile makeover smile makeover before and after
Barb C.

This patient came to us with concerns of chipped porcelain from work she had done in the past that was noticeable when smiling. She wanted a new makeover smile to correct the shape & color of teeth as well as to correct her bite issues.

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Dental implants are, by far, the best method for restoring one or more missing teeth. They have a longer lifespan compared to alternative treatments like dental bridges and partial dentures, and they help strengthen and support the health of your jaw. Dr. Cody Boals has extensive experience with dental implants and has treated numerous patients from Mountain Shadows, Old Colorado City, and Fillmore. At our office, you can get the treatment you need to restore your smile permanently.

This cosmetic dentistry treatment can improve the appearance of your smile whether you have discolored, misshapen, or gapped teeth. Porcelain veneers are thin, tooth-shaped “shells” that are permanently bonded to your teeth to give them the desired shape and color. The procedure only takes two appointments and is minimally invasive, making it a perfect choice for patients who are averse to needles or don’t want extensive treatment.

This simple, non-invasive teeth whitening treatment offers great results for patients looking to enhance their smile. Our in-office or take-home whitening products transform dull smiles. Whether your smile is dull due to normal wear and tear, consumption of dark foods and beverages, or the use of tobacco products, our in-office or take-home whitening products can help. Achieve a whiter smile by up to 10 shades.